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Hello this is a prototype for my game its about a speedster being tested by the military however i need to test the foundation so on to the Current Features.

  • SuperSpeed. Move at incredible speeds with a trail that follows you closely everywhere,but careful running into a wall is not a good idea.
  • Enhanced Perception. Slow time to study your environment and plan your next move or watch as your enemies slow to a crawl while you remain unaffected.
  • Wall Running. Hold a button and feel the effects of gravity lifted as you run straight up a wall or ceiling.
  • Varying Enemies. They may dart right toward you, or follow with equivalent speed, or hang back and wait for the moment dive.

And More.

I'm very much open to suggestions so any features you wish, please reply and tell me what you want and help make the True Speedster Experience!!!


Celerity.rar 65 MB

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